Diploma of Aviation AVI50215 (Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplanes)

Tristar Aviation

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CRICOS course code: 092298D

Level of study: Certificates & Diplomas



This course comprises of the RPL, PPL and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) curriculum.

The theoretical knowledge required by a commercial pilot is significantly more complex than a private pilot. This section of the course takes longer, as students learn theory to a far greater depth.

This part of the course can be the most fun for students. Now that they hold a Private Pilot License, students may typically go in small group to gain command flying experience with other students towards their Commercial Pilot License.

  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot Aero plane License
  • Diploma qualification

Units of Competency

To gain the Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot License - Aero plane) a successful assessment outcome for the following 28 core units and 1 elective unit must be achieved:

A total of 29 units of competency comprising:

28 core units listed below plus

1 general elective unit from the general elective units listed below. The general elective unit must contribute to the vocational outcomes of the qualification

Core units

AVIE4001 Maintain aircraft radio communications

AVIF0004 Implement aviation risk management processes

AVIF0005 Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes

AVIF0007 Implement threat and error management strategies

AVIF0008 Manage safe flight operations

AVIF0011 Manage aircraft passengers and cargo

AVIF0014 Manage human factors in aviation operations

AVIH0002 Plan a flight under visual flight rules

AVIH4001 Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules

AVILIC0001 License to operate a commercial aero plane

AVIO0002 Manage disruptive behavior and unlawful interference with aviation

AVIW4001 Manage pre- and post-flight actions

AVIW5018 Operate and manage aircraft systems

AVIY0001 Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments

AVIY0002 Operate in controlled airspace

AVIY0003 Operate in Class G airspace

AVIY0004 Operate at non-towered aerodromes

AVIY0005 Operate at a controlled aerodrome

AVIY0008 Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations

AVIY0009 Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations

AVIY0018 Execute advanced aero plane man oeuvres and procedures

AVIY0019 Manage abnormal aero plane flight situations

AVIY4001 Control aero plane on the ground

AVIY4002 Take off aero plane

AVIY4003 Control aero plane in normal flight

AVIY4004 Land aero plane

AVIY4007 Manage aircraft fuel

AVIZ4001 Manage situational awareness in aircraft flight

General elective units

AVIF0001 Apply aircraft safety procedures

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
71,808 Per Year
Read more71,808 for the entire course
May 2023
Jul 2023
48 weeks
Full time
Tristar Aviation
14 Northern Avenue
Moorabbin Airport
Melbourne Victoria 3194

Entry criteria

The Pre-Requisites for the course are;

  • A current Class 1 Australian Medical
  • Unless secondary school has been conducted in English, an IELTS overall score of 6.0. (Either academic or general assessments)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • At least 10 years of education.


Tristar Aviation
14 Northern Avenue
Moorabbin Airport
Melbourne Victoria 3194
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