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CRICOS course code: 0100192

Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


This qualification covers the competencies required to translate general purpose texts from one language to another, to convey information written in plain language to a limited and known audience in functionally equivalent translated texts that are appropriate to the context, target audience and end use.

The Diploma of Translating prepares translators to translate texts that contain limited equivalence problems between source and target text, plain language and concepts accessible to the general public, and limited requirement for research on the subject beyond client resources. Limited and known audiences include the clients of community services, educational institutions, community information services and businesses, or may relate to government client relationships.

Qualification Packaging Rules

Based on the information available from , the following packaging rules apply for completion of this qualification. A total number of 12 units must be selected for this qualification including: 5 core units and 7 elective units

Unit Code Unit Title Core/ Elective

  • PSPTIS001 Apply codes and standards to ethical practice Core
  • PSPTIS002 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments Core
  • PSPTIS003 Prepare to translate and interpret Core
  • PSPTIS020 Analyse text types for translation of general purpose texts (LOTE-English) Core
  • PSPTIS021 Translate and certify non-narrative texts Core
  • PSPTIS022 Translate general purpose texts from English to LOTE Elective
  • PSPTIS025 Read and analyse general purpose English texts to be translated Elective
  • PSPTIS023 Translate general purpose texts from LOTE to English Elective
  • PSPTIS024 Read and analyse general purpose LOTE texts to be translated Elective
  • PSPTIS027 Demonstrate routine written English proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts Elective
  • PSPTIS026 Demonstrate routine written LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts Elective
  • BSBWRT301 Write simple documents Elective

Delivery Arrangements

Students are required to complete 12 units of competency. Delivery time frames:

  • Approximate delivery hours required to complete the PSP50816 Diploma of Translating are between 800-1000 hours.
  • Attendance and academic progress are monitored throughout the duration of the course.

Assessment Arrangements

A range of assessment and evidence gathering methods and techniques are used, including 2 – 4 or more methods for each unit of competency. For this course, methods include:

  • Questions and answers
  • Case studies/scenario discussions
  • Multiple choices/true or false questions
  • Interpreting and reflection tasks
  • Simulated interpreting practice
  • Writing reports/essays
  • Formal examinations

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
6,450 Per Year 01 Aug 2022
05 Sep 2022
31 Oct 2022
52 weeks
Read more52 Weeks, incl. 40 Weeks Training and 12 Weeks Break

Full time
Melbourne Campus
Level 4, 341 Queen Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000

Entry criteria

There are no specific entry requirements for this qualification outlined in the qualification description. However, prior to enrolling in this course the students must either:

  • have satisfactorily completed Year 12 of secondary education or its equivalent or have appropriate and
  • relevant experience; and
  • have an IELTS result of 6 or equivalent; or
  • have completed an EAP program at upper intermediate level or equivalent; or
  • be able to demonstrate vocational proficiency through an entry examination, consisting of two dialogues in a para-professional level interpreting test. Students will have to achieve 50 percent or higher in order to be admitted into the program.
  • Students with no formal qualifications are required to successfully complete the LLN test and meet with the Academic Manager to be admitted.


Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating
Sydney George Street Campus
Level 5, 841 George Street
Sydney New South Wales 2000
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