Artificial Intelligence and Women

The University of Melbourne

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Level of study: Microcredentials


In our increasingly digital world, workplaces are transforming rapidly. Research shows that women could be disproportionately impacted by these shifts.

This Melbourne MicroCert explores how automation is changing the work we do, and the related gender trends and implications. It will arm you with a fundamental understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation – and how these could affect your profession.

You will gain accessible insights into concepts such as big data, algorithms, AI and automation. Crucially, you will explore which skills will be sought after in future workplaces – and how to attain them.

This Melbourne MicroCert is part of our Future of Women at Work series, which examines the policy, digital skills and interpersonal approaches necessary to establish gender equity in our future workplaces.

Who is it for?

Our Future of Women at Work series is ideal for working professionals who want to understand how their industries may be impacted by technology – and how they can future-proof their skillsets. It is particularly valuable to women who want to upskill to succeed in their professions into the future.

Key topics

This Melbourne MicroCert explores a range of key questions about the future workplace, including:

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation and how do they work?
How will AI impact the future of work and gender?
What skills will be in high demand in the future workplace, and how can you attain them?

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this Melbourne MicroCert, you will be able to:

Investigate and compare how AI and automation is represented in the workplace
Critically discuss the impact of AI and automation to your industry, job or workplace tasks
Identify and analyse the synergy between professional skills and technologies within the workplace.

Learning experience

Fully online delivery presents a convenient way to develop your skillset, from a location that suits you. You will engage with other industry professionals within our innovative online learning environment and utilise online tools such as podcasts, interactive webinars and digital workshops.


This Melbourne MicroCert is delivered over six weeks, including four weeks for teaching, and two weeks to complete the final assessment. You will undertake an estimated six hours of guided online learning, 20 hours for assessment, and an additional 15 hours of independent study.

Pathways to further study

Artificial Intelligence and Women can be taken as a standalone Melbourne MicroCert, or you can complement it with any other Melbourne MicroCert in the Future of Women at Work series.

Artificial Intelligence and Women is also designed to provide a pathway – otherwise known as advanced standing – into the Master of Social Policy.

To use Artificial Intelligence and Women in this way, you will need to complete all four Melbourne MicroCerts in the Future of Women at Work series, as each one is equivalent to one quarter of a standard subject, and then apply for credit towards Master of Social Policy.

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
1,190 Per Year
Read more1,190 for the entire course
Contact institution 6 weeks
Online study
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010

Entry criteria

There are no specific eligibility requirements.


The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010
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