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Level of study: Microcredentials


Creativity involves new ideas and ways of doing things, while innovation builds on this leading to the successful development and implementation of creative ideas as new managerial practices, organisational systems, products or services. Alongside this, leadership behaviours can play a positive role in encouraging team members to be creative, which can in turn drive competitive advantage.

To promote creativity and innovation, leaders need to provide both individuals and teams with appropriate signals, a supportive environment for growth and failure, and a sense of psychological safety that enables individuals and groups to take risks and share ideas.

This Melbourne MicroCert explores creativity and innovation in the context of organisation and leadership, exploring individual and team creativity.

It will equip you with a broad understanding of theories around the interconnection between individual and team-level creativity, and organisational-level innovation. And provide you with practical tools to apply these insights to support an organisational culture of creativity and innovation.

Creativity and Innovation is part of the Adaptive Leadership series, which focuses on core knowledge, skills and tools to recognise and navigate leadership opportunities and challenges in the context of digital transformation and dynamic competitive environments. Creativity and Innovation is also part of the Leadership suite, which comprises the Adaptive Leadership and Managing Teams series.

Who is it for?

Creativity and Innovation is designed for a diverse range professionals seeking to develop their leadership ability and knowledge. You might be an emerging leader, seeking to enhance your leadership capabilities to complement technical knowledge and expertise, or wanting to advance into more senior leadership positions across any sector or organisation.

The course is also suited more broadly to anyone wanting to build their competence, capability and confidence as they progress through various career stages and job changes.

Key topics

Developed by academic experts, this MicroCert focuses on two facets of creative and innovative leadership:

Leading creative teams and individuals – providing foundational understanding of the nature of creativity at the individual and team levels, with a focus on the role of leaders in fostering a climate for creativity
Innovative organisations – exploring structural models of organisations designed to support innovative outcomes, organisational routines and capabilities associated with innovation, and the role of organisational culture in promoting and sustaining innovation.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of Creativity and Innovation, you will be able to:

Demonstrate an understanding of the differences between individual and team-level creativity processes, the organisational attributes that support innovation activity, and the role of leadership in supporting creativity and innovation
Critically evaluate models of creativity and innovation and the contexts in which they might be applied to generate sources of competitive advantage
Generate actionable strategies to promote a culture of problem-solving and creativity at the individual and team levels and which support innovation at the organisation level.

Learning experience

Taught by leading experts, this highly flexible Melbourne MicroCert includes synchronous engagement and support, interactive learning tasks, and self-paced study. Live webinars, online lectures, skills development exercises, case studies and scenarios, contemporary readings and resources, facilitated group discussions, and hands-on workplace interventions and takeaways all feature to provide a rich and effective learning experience.

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
1,350 for the entire course Expected Aug 2024 4 weeks
Online study
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010

Entry criteria

There are no eligibility requirements.


The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010
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