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Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


As cybersecurity threats become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, organisations of all stripes require the expertise to remain secure.

This Melbourne MicroCert offers the chance for current or aspiring cybersecurity managers to expand their knowledge of the cyber-threat landscape and better understand the security requirements of organisations.

Developed with the Academic Centre of Cybersecurity Excellence (ACCSE), this Melbourne MicroCert is led by expert cybersecurity instructors and closely aligned with industry standards. You will explore emerging cyber strategy topics and case studies, plus generate a cyber-threat actor profile to demonstrate your knowledge. Online delivery offers a convenient way to develop your skillset, in your own time and from a location that suits you.

You can choose to complete Cybersecurity in Organisations as stand-alone professional development, or, stack it with additional Melbourne MicroCerts in the Cybersecurity Management series, which may be used as credit for a further University of Melbourne degree.

Who is it for?

This Melbourne MicroCert is ideal for current and aspiring cybersecurity managers. It is valuable to everyone from Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) to IT Security Managers and Security Operations Centre (SOC) Managers. To be eligible, you must have significant work experience in the information technology sector; see eligibility requirements for more information.

Key topics

Delivered as two modules, this Melbourne MicroCert will equip you with an increased understanding of the evolving cyber-threat landscape and role of cybersecurity in protecting information resources in organisations.

The first module describes cybersecurity requirements from an organisational perspective. You will cover:

Cybersecurity models and frameworks that to relate assets, threats and controls
Cybersecurity properties (confidentiality, integrity and availability)
Cyber strategy objectives for modern organisations
Various organisational structures for cybersecurity function.

The second module focuses on the complex threat landscape and how to profile threat actors. You will cover:

Threat-actor typology
Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)
The APT Operational Line framework and phases of sophisticated cyber-actors (select exploitation target, assess system vulnerability, manoeuvre, infiltrate, assure sustainability, assure mobility, focused surveillance and reconnaissance).

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of Cybersecurity in Organisations, you will be able to:

Create a template for profiling cyber threat actors, demonstrating a sound knowledge of cybersecurity requirements and the cyber-threat landscape
Apply critical thinking skills to publicly available sources of knowledge to generate a cyber-threat actor profile
Evaluate the utility of the template given the cybersecurity requirements of organisations.

Learning experience

This Melbourne MicroCert has been developed and is delivered with the Academic Centre of Cybersecurity Excellence (ACCSE) based in the University of Melbourne’s School of Computing and Information Systems, meaning your learning is backed by our leading research. In an engaging online environment, alongside other industry professionals, you will be guided through relevant case studies and emerging cyber strategy topics and trends.

Pathways to further study

Cybersecurity in Organisations can be taken as stand-alone professional development, or you can complement it with any other Melbourne MicroCert in the Cybersecurity Management series, which includes:

Cybersecurity Management Practices
Cybersecurity: Technologies for Defence
Cybersecurity: Strategy and Incidence Response

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
1,190 for the entire course Contact institution 4 weeks
Self study / online (without attendance)
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010

Entry criteria

To undertake this Melbourne MicroCert, you require either:


At least five years of work experience in an IT-related discipline
At least two years of work experience in an IT-related discipline and an undergraduate degree.


The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010
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