Cybersecurity Management Practices

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Level of study: Career Based/Vocational


As cybersecurity threats become increasingly frequent and sophisticated, organisations of all stripes require the expertise to remain secure.

This Melbourne MicroCert provides you with a comprehensive understanding of risk management and cybersecurity policy management practices in organisations, as well as the (cyber)security education, training and awareness (SETA) program.

Developed with the Academic Centre of Cybersecurity Excellence (ACCSE) and closely aligned with industry standards, Cybersecurity Management Practices is led by expert cybersecurity instructors and draws on real-world case studies and practices. You will explore key aspects around processes, feasibility and deficiencies of risk management, and the role and function of cybersecurity policy, effective policy and policy quality.

The convenient online course is part of the Cybersecurity Management series, which offers you the opportunity to gain credit towards a University of Melbourne degree.

Who is it for?

This Melbourne MicroCert is ideal for current and aspiring cybersecurity managers. It is valuable to everyone from Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) to IT Security Managers and Security Operations Centre (SOC) Managers.

Key topics

This Melbourne MicroCert consists of three modules.

Risk management practices – the security of risk management and the process of identifying, assessing and evaluating risk and deficiencies
Policy management practices – the motivating factors for retaining cybersecurity policy and exploring how it works in organisations
(Cyber)security education, training and awareness (SETA) – distinctions between each element and steps in developing and implementing a successful SETA campaign.

Learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of Cybersecurity Management Practices, you will be able to:

Analyse the risk, policy and SETA practices of an organisation
Construct recommendations addressing the risk, policy and SETA practices of an organisation to address deficiencies.

Learning experience

This Melbourne MicroCert has been developed and is delivered with the Academic Centre of Cybersecurity Excellence (ACCSE) based in the University of Melbourne’s School of Computing and Information Systems, meaning your learning is backed by our leading research. In an engaging online environment, alongside other industry professionals, you will be guided through relevant case studies and emerging cyber strategy topics and trends.

Pathways to further study

Cybersecurity Management Practices is part of the Cybersecurity Management series. You will need to complete Cybersecurity in Organisations before taking this course. You can then go on to take the rest of the series:

Cybersecurity in Organisations
Cybersecurity: Strategy and Incidence Response
Cybersecurity: Technologies for Defence

Cybersecurity Management Practices is also designed to provide a pathway – otherwise known as advanced standing – into the Master of IT Management (Executive). This requires completing all four Melbourne MicroCerts in the Cybersecurity Management series, as each one is equivalent to one quarter of a standard subject, and then applying for credit towards the masters program.

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Tuition Fees (AUD $) Start date Duration Campus
1,190 for the entire course Contact institution 4 weeks
Self study / online (without attendance)
The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010

Entry criteria

To undertake this Melbourne MicroCert, you require either:

At least five years of work experience in an IT-related discipline


The Cybersecurity in Organisations Melbourne MicroCert.


The University of Melbourne
Parkville Campus
Grattan Street
Melbourne Victoria 3010
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