Scholarship information

Award value (AUD $) 7,560 - 37,800 (These course fees are for 2020 only and may be subject to change. Fees may be subject to an annual increase each subsequent calendar year for the duration of the course and may be applied at the beginning of each calendar year)
Level of study Undergraduate
Field of study Business and Administrative Studies
Number of awards available All eligible students
Nationality All international

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Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the High Achievers Scholarship, you must:

  • Demonstrate exceptional academic success in a related field of study with an average result of at least 90% in prior studies.
  • Complete a 500 word essay on “How a Kaplan degree will help you achieve success in the future”.
  • Not be a recipient of any other Kaplan Business School scholarship, award or promotion.
  • Have met Kaplan Business School’s English language proficiency requirements for the course offered or will have met these requirements prior to commencing study with Kaplan Business School.

How to apply

Check Eligibility Criteria and terms and conditions; Complete scholarship application form and 500 word essay; Attach supporting documentation with your submission; Sign and date the student declaration; Submit your scholarship application via email; Scholarship applications must be received prior to the applicant accepting the Offer of Admission for the course.

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