JTI International Student Scholarship Program (Diploma Level)

Job Training Institute

Scholarship information

Award value (AUD $) Scholarships provide tuition fee waivers to a certain level that is decided by the Scholarship Team Members.
Level of study Undergraduate
Number of awards available All eligible students
Nationality All international

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Eligibility requirements

To reward students for outstanding academic achievement and/or to recognize the less fortunate in the society, JTI offers its international students the opportunity to apply for scholarships. 

The Scholarship Team Members in liaison with the CEO will manage the selection and allocation of funds. Tuition funds are disbursed directly to JTI on behalf of the JTI scholarship recipient.

How to apply

All students applying for a scholarship need to:

  • Hold a current Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for an JTI course that will run in the term/semester for which the applicant is applying for a scholarship
  • Satisfy the assessment criteria for continuing JTI students Evidence that in the previous term the applicant has:
  1. submitted all assessments by set deadlines
  2. received a Competency mark on the first attempt in all units scheduled during the previous term
  3. maintained satisfactory weekly attendance throughout the term
  4. participated in a positive and diligent manner in all aspects of the course.

For new students (not currently enrolled with JTI) Evidence to be attached with the application:

  • an excellent academic record. Eligible academic records include Year 12 or equivalent certificates, Vocational Education and Training (VET) or tertiary qualifications obtained either in Australia or overseas, and /or
  • demonstrated dedication to academic studies, and/or a passion for study that satisfies the judgment of the student’s genuine intention to persevere with the course, and/or
  • inability to meet your financial obligations due to circumstances beyond own control and/or
  • statement of report to address why you believe you should be awarded a scholarship, why your chosen course is the best choice for you, and any other information you wish to include that supports your application.

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