Scholarship information

Award value (AUD $) 20% of the student contributions (tuition fees)
Level of study Undergraduate
Field of study Social Studies and Communications
Health and Medicine
Business and Administrative Studies
Number of awards available All eligible students
Nationality Singapore

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Eligibility requirements

Applicants must:

  • Have a WAM equivalent of 65 or above
  • Be a citizen of Singapore
  • Enrol in one of the Health courses stipulated in the course list below:
  1. H315 Bachelor of Nutrition Science
  2. D301 Bachelor of Nutrition Science/Bachelor of Commerce
  3. H343 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science
  4. D394 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science/Bachelor of Business
  5. H344 Bachelor of Psychological Science
  6. H300 Bachelor of Health Sciences
  7. H313 Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion
  8. H757 Master of Public Health
  9. H756 Master of Health and Human Services Management
  10. H704 Master of Health Economics
  11. H759 Master of Health Promotion
  12. H748 Master of Nutrition and Population Health
  13. H714 Master of Human Nutrition

How to apply

All students who apply for eligible courses will be automatically assessed for the bursary, and will be advised of the outcome. There is no need to complete an application form.

For more information about the Singapore Health Bursary, please email Deakin International.

Applications close Trimester 3, 2021.

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