Scholarship information

Award value (AUD $) 360,000 total value
Application deadline 17 Jul 2022
Level of study Undergraduate
Number of awards available 1
Nationality China

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Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following criteria:

Citizen of mainland China, Indonesia, Hong Kong or a Southeast Asian country
Apply for a full-time Monash course offer in any single degree*, at Monash University, at a campus in Australia
Have not previously studied at Monash
You must demonstrate that you come from a low income household

* Double degree applicants are not eligible.

To retain this scholarship:

You must maintain a minimum Weighted Average Mark of 50.
You must maintain a full-time study load.


Up to AUD $3,60,000 over 4 years; Tuition fees AUD $14,000 allowance per year; On-campus accommodation; Student visa costs; Additional AUD  $3,000 one-off establishment payment in the first year; One return flight in the first year

How to apply

This scholarship cannot be deferred.

For this scholarship, you must submit a separate online Applications form.

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