Kuwait - Ministry of Higher Education Scholarships

Victoria University

Scholarship information

Award value (AUD $) Tuition fees, living allowance and Overseas Student Health Cover. Please refer to the Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education(external link) for more information.
Level of study Undergraduate
Number of awards available All eligible students
Nationality Kuwait

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Eligibility requirements

The Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait offers a range of scholarships to eligible Kuwaiti nationals interested in pursuing higher education qualifications at overseas institutions, including Australia.

These scholarships are managed in Australia through the Kuwaiti Cultural Office in Canberra.

Eligibility: citizen of Kuwait

How to apply

apply to VU and liaise with the Kuwaiti Cultural Office(external link) regarding your application. Accept your offer and provide a Financial Guarantee that includes:

  • name of University (i.e. Victoria University)
  • your name and student number
  • name of course and duration of sponsorship
  • details of scholarships entitlement.

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